School Greeting Card Printing Solutions Step by Step
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6 Simple Steps to Fundraise
  1. Students create their designs in class on design forms provided. From experience, setting time aside and completing the artwork in a classroom environment will deliver the best results
  2. Designs are sent home to families with a covering letter to encourage them to place their order. Completed forms are returned to school with payment by the date agreed.
  3. The School organizer collects all completed orders and banks the payments 
  4. IQ will then arrange to collect the forms from school on your preferred date. Request a collection via:
  5. IQ check each form, scan the image and print each individual order 
  6. IQ deliver all orders back to school via courier in grade order (each student's order is individually wrapped for easy distribution). 
    The invoice for the orders, minus the funds raised is sent when the final products are delivered
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6 Steps to Fundraising with IQ Cards