Why should Schools Use IQ Card School Fundraising and other FAQ
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What happens once our school contacts IQ?

Once you have contacted us and confirmed that you would like to proceed with the project a confirmation e-mail is sent.  The design pack with marketing material and design templates for all students will be sent out within 2 weeks.

How long do the items ordered take to run the project?
We advise about 6- 8 weeks from receipt of your pack to getting the finished cards delivered back to the school.
Can iQ accept artwork that is not on their template document?
Due to the software and printing methods we can only accept artwork sent on the supplied templates. PLEASE DO NOT photocopy the template as each one is printed on specific paper thickness for the scanning process, if you need additional forms or wish to discuss an alternative proecdure just give us a call.
How do the students create the artwork and what do they use?
Students can create their designs using paint, pencils, pens, crayons and felt tips onto the A4 design templates supplied. Any artwork received that incorporates any item that has been stuck on will unfortunately be returned without being printed (please see artwork guidelines for more details).
Who should parents pay their money to?
Parents can pay via cash or check or online payment schemes which must be made payable to the school / PTA fund specified on the design forms (previously agreed with the school).  Parents cannot pay IQ direct, IQ invoice the school at the end of the project for the final amount minus the funds raised.
Who does the school make checks payable to and where are they sent to?

Checks are to be made payable to IQ Card School Fundraising Inc but schools will be issued with an invoice that can also be paid via wire transfer.

Payment must be received by within 7 days of receipt.
Can siblings, parent's or teacher's children take part in the project?
Certainly!  On the form there is a box that can be ticked which means the name of the school does not appear on the back of the cards.
Is there a minimum order amount to be able to participate in the project?
We will guarantee to print as many orders as you receive - we would love you to test our project as we are sure it will be successful.